Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Update and POTY standings forthcoming.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


we're done.

I waited and picked another spot with Ah8h. Unfortunately, I was called by pocket fours. The flop contained a four and the turn/river provided no help.

1,616 out of 2,247

That's all folks.

Double up

99 was a good year for someone and 99 was a good pocket pair for me. Tons more work to do (the chip leader has over 22K).

My savior, JQ

Next hand: JQ

All-in for 60. Two callers. I catch a Jack and more than triple up (counting blinds).

Maniac, table for one.

Let me show you to your seat.

Within the first ten minutes I had this player pegged. A wild, action lover that doesn't mind losing chips. Think of a monkey throwing feces (only replace the feces with chips).

Mr. Monkey started with 2K, quickly down to 1,200, quickly up to 3,500, down to 700, up to 1,800, up over 3K, down to 600, then back to just under 2K. Talk about frequent flyer miles!

I have position on Mr. Monkey, no action so far, everyone has folded to me. I have AdJd. I raise 3xBB. I'll take the pot now or see a flop. One caller; you guessed it, banana boy.

On a scary board, he pushes all-in. I have slightly more than he does. This just reeks of weakness. Feels like a premeditated move...smooth call preflop and push all-in no matter the flop and take your chances. Definitely fits my opponent's MO.

I feel I have the best hand. This could be the opportunity I have been waiting for. However, if I am wrong, I will only have about 60 chips left. I go with my gut...

...and I am correct. Now I don't have a pair or a draw but neither does he. My AJs vs. 78.

Hmmm, if only I had one of those Magic Eightballs to see into the future. The number eight is all too apropos. He gets his eight, I don't improve, and now have a lot of work to do.